Primary Care Seminars

pcs.jpgPCSIn order to introduce residents to patient management in the ambulatory care setting, we developed the Primary Care Seminars (PCS). This series of structured small group discussions aims to provide an evidence-based framework to the "art of medicine." To accomplish this, we have selected several cases to act as the focus of discussion for our PCS classes.

These are real cases from the faculty panels that were “coin tosses,” that is, the decision about how to manage the case could have gone either way. They have been written to protect patient confidentiality and to emphasize one particular facet of patient care.

Along with these cases, we review support materials. These include primary research articles, review articles, and editorial pieces that support one or another of the clinic options.

We divide participants into groups. One will argue for a possible intervention (to screen, to treat with a medication, to affirm a diagnosis). The other will argue against the intervention.

The themes and cases include:
  • Deliberate use of interviewing and its impact on clinical care (returning veteran with PTSD, chronic illness, and social stressors)
  • Screening and shared decision making (prostate cancer)
  • Management of asymptomatic disease (HTN, hyperlipidemia)
  • Motivating toward change in chronic symptomatic disease (DM)
  • Reduction of harmful health habits (smoking, alcohol use)