Community Outreach

Terry Reilly Health Services

terry_riley.pngTerry Reilly Health Services (TRHS) was founded in the 1970’s to provide health care to a large migrant farm worker population in the Treasure Valley. Over the decades, the clinic services and patient population have expanded. TRHS now serves over 30,000 people annually and provides hospital care and outpatient care through a network of ambulatory clinics. Via this collaboration, volunteer Boise Internal Medicine faculty and residents provide medical care to patients in a low resource setting. Residents are exposed to the challenges faced by this unique patient population and provide a needed service to the TRHS system.

Residents see patients as internal medicine "consultants" as part of their ambulatory rotations. Two residents have their continuity clinic at TRHS.

Friendship Clinic

Residents have the opportunity to Volunteer at the Friendship Clinic, located within a local church, which serves low income, uninsured and underinsured individuals. This small vibrant clinic is a critical access point to hundreds of patients each year.