Inpatient Medicine

The University of Washington Boise Internal Medicine Residency Program is proud to have all three of the major hospitals in Boise, Idaho, serve as training sites for residents – the Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center (BVAMC), Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center (SARMC), and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center (SLRMC). The unique patient populations at each of these hospitals help to provide a well-rounded resident education. BVAMC and SLRMC are within walking distance of each other in downtown Boise. SARMC is a brief 10-minute drive from either the BVAMC or SLRMC.

Boise Veterans Affairs
Medical Center (BVAMC)

bvamc.jpgThe BVAMC, with 46 medical/surgical beds, serves over 100,000 Veterans in Idaho and the surrounding area. Internal Medicine residents are responsible for the care of all medical patients in the intensive care unit and on the General Medicine wards. The typical Medicine team consists of 1-2 medical students from the University of Washington, an intern, a senior resident, and an attending. All attendings are Internal Medicine trained and many have additional expertise in subspecialties such as Geriatrics, Infectious Diseases, Palliative Medicine, Psychiatry, and Rheumatology. Nursing, Social Work, Laboratory, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech, Wound Care and other support services are superb at the BVAMC and provide opportunities for house staff to be part of quality multidisciplinary teams